VHCXE in service with GHQ in June-July 1942. Originally thought to be at Archerfield, but other photos in the series show terrain in the background which has been identified almost certainly as Ward's Strip (5 Mile), Port Moresby. The significance of the number "12" under the cockpit window is unknown. This photo, and others taken at the same time, are the only known photos of VHCXE in camouflage.

The large dark rectangle above the windows forward of the door is the over-painted remains of the tri-colour stripe which originally extended the full length of the cabin windows. These markings can be seen here. When the aircraft was camouflaged by KNILM, the stripe was reduced to approximately half its original length beginning aft of the fourth window and extending to the aft edge of the last window. As invasion became imminent, the remainder of the stripe was over-painted in a dark colour.

Picture: The Sherr Photographs, MacArthur Memorial Archives (#00006475)