A DC-3 being loaded at Seven Mile, Port Moresby in August 1942. This aircraft is clearly one of the two Dutch DC-3s given the over-painted tri-colour above the rear cabin windows and the distinctive tall radio mast. At the stated date of August 1942, VHCXE (ex PK-ALW) was already in service with MacArthur's GHQ so this aircraft has to be sister ship VHCXD (ex PK-ALT). Variations in camouflage patterns between the two aircraft also indicate that this is not VHCXE. Note the rear vision mirror fitted outside the cockpit sliding window. This mirror, which was probably of automotive origins, was fitted by the Dutch when guns were installed at the rearmost windows in the passenger cabin. Similar mirrors were also fitted to VHCXE although photos indicate that they had been removed by the time the aircraft was in service with GHQ. The aircraft in the photo is being loaded with sacks of supplies from the ubiquitous Blitz truck. The fact that the cabin door has been removed from the aeroplane suggests that these supplies were intended for air dropping.

Picture: via Michael John Claringbould