Col. Joe R. Sherr

These extremely rare photographs of DC-3 VHCXE are held in the papers of the late Colonel Joe R. Sherr by the MacArthur Memorial Archives, Norfolk, Virginia USA. Colonel Sherr was evacuated from Corregidor with General MacArthur because he was a master of cryptanalysis. He was later a major factor in the creation of the Central Bureau codebreaking outfit. He was killed in an air crash while taking-off from Calcutta in September 1943. These photographs were kindly supplied by James W. Zobel, Archivist, MacArthur Memorial Museum. QAM thanks Mr Zobel who located these photographs in response to a request from QAM at a time when it was thought that there were no surviving photographs of VHCXE in service with General MacArthur's GHQ.

Group of personnel under the right wing of the DC-3. Second from right in dark trousers with a satchel over his shoulder is MacArthur's G-3, Chief of Operations, Major General Stephen J. Chamberlin.
Right front three-quarter view of DC-3 VHCXE with B-26 in background.
Right rear view with a truck at tail of the DC-3. The officer in dark shirt and sunglasses near the rear wheel of the truck is Chief Signal Officer, Brigadier General (later Major General) Spenser B. Akin, head of the Central Bureau SWPA.
Right rear three-quarter view of the DC-3 with sedan (USA71) in the right foreground with unknown personnel near the tail of the DC-3.
Three personnel with the tail of VHCXE in the background.
Left: Lt Robert S. Clinkscales (co-pilot), Centre: Captain (or Major) Henry C. Godman (pilot), Right: Colonel Joe Sherr
(Clinkscales and Godman later identified by Godman)
Right front three-quarter view of DC-3 VHCXE with a jeep in the foreground. The terrain in the background indicates that the location is almost certainly Ward's Strip (5 Mile) Port Moresby.

The History of DC-3 VHCXE / VH-ANR